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Our mission -

To create awareness and educate all IT users on issues related to IT Security with in-depth and unbiased information in our publications and other programmes.

At CCCNews, we cater to create awareness and education amongst all corporate, home, educational, government users about Information Security.

CCCNews has 3 distinguished publications

  1. CCCNews Newsletter - published 3 times a week since June 2005, on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, exclusively for IT Security. Total number of issues 700+, subscribed by 85000+ constituents.

    Visit to view past issues.

  2. CCCNews Magazine - started in June 2009 as fortnightly magazine for IT Security only. A magazine for all Information Security related issues including news, analysis, events, education, security tips, quiz and many more. The CCCNews magazine is distributed through portal. The first issue is downloaded by over 102000 people in first 7 days of launch.

  3. CCCNews Website ( - This will be comprehensive website/portal for IT Security related topics.

Providing with a complete view on the information security, we empower our readers to gain all the relevant information they need to safeguard their organizations, homes and meet business goals. CCCNews provides IT security professionals a forum from which they can learn from their peers' experiences, analysts' findings, vendors' knowledge and gain from others' expertise.

Organisation behind CCCNews -

  1. Center for Research and Prevention of Computer Crimes (CRPCC)

  2. Sysman Computers Private Limited (

People associated -

Rakesh Goyal
Editor - CCCNews and Director-General - CRPCC

Vinod Jha
Secretary-General - CRPCC

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